All healing starts in the mind.

          -- Alison Stormwolf

It took Marie Fator a lifetime to find the courage to tell her story –reliving the past and exposing hidden secrets is never easy.  


The end result of Marie's efforts is Keeping Laughter Alive,  an inspiring, powerful book written to encourage the reader to find productive ways to deal with the difficulties of life.  


Anyone who has experienced abuse will be encouraged by Marie's story. If you know someone who is caught in an abusive situation or you are aware of a young person who is in a volatile relationship and contemplating marriage, encourage them to read Keeping Laughter Alive.


If you have never experienced abuse and want a better understanding of how abuse happens, and why it continues, Marie Fator's Keeping Laughter Alive can answer some of your questions.


What people are saying. . . . .


"Your story had me hooked from the beginning. Such a powerful story that gives hope to the seemingly hopeless."  

S. Pittman



"Marie's account of her family history and life struggles are powerfully told in a matter of fact manner that keeps flowing from beginning to end. How many have endured similar experiences and never had their story told or the courage to break free from the oppression of an abusive relationship? This book may give strength to those caught in a situation such as this and maybe give them the impetus to break away and lead a normal life. Please share this book with others. No telling who you may inspire."

C. LaGrone



"I just finished reading your book. What a story. My parents were both abusive. My father was a very mean alcoholic and I have been too embarrassed to talk about it. Your book helped me realize that I have nothing to be embarrassed about. Thank you for sharing your story."

S. Greenhorn



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