Chapter 1

Mom & Dad wedding picture I believe this was my mom & dad's wedding picture. It's the only picture of mom smiling like that.

“Be careful of the choices you make today – they can come back and haunt you tomorrow”.

              -- Marie Fator


Seven months after meeting, the stubborn, iron-willed young woman and the angry young man said their wedding vows on the afternoon of September 23, 1933.


Though Mom’s parents were there, the marriage took place without their approval. Mom, oblivious to the consequences of her actions, barreled head-on into a marriage doomed to failure before the ink dried on the license.


After the ceremony, Dad took Mom to the house they would be living in and left with no explanation. Mom spent her wedding night alone. When Dad returned the next day, they both acted as if this were a common occurrence between newlyweds.


Mom later discovered her new husband had gone to a girlfriend’s house and spent the night. Why Mom went against everyone’s advice in choosing this man to marry and be a father to her children is a mystery, but why she stayed married to him after he spent their wedding night with another woman is inexplicable.

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